About Antequera

Antequera is a much more substantial and important town than a lot of first time visitors realise. Historically (see the Historical Insight section) Antequera was deemed a city, and at one time considered as candidate for the capital of Andalusia because of it´s cultural significance, commercial wealth, and strategic military importance due to location. La Comarca (the region or county) of Antequera contains 21 pueblos (villages), the second largest Comarca in Spain. Antequera is also an important centre of commerce for Andalucia and Spain due to it´s direct motorway and rail links to cities such as Seville, Córdoba, Granada, and Madrid. It is a distribution centre for some top brand names such as Mercadona, the giant supermarket chain, and Bimbo, a major brand in bread products. It is also just 50 kilometers north of Malaga airport and thus an excellent base for tourists seeking a genuinely Spanish holiday experience in a culturally and socially rich environment.

The historic monumental wealth in Antequera resulted in some wonderful architectural developments which are such a prominent feature throughout the town. There are over 30 churches and convents – more per head of population than anywhere in Spain – and several palacios (mansion houses) built during the 16 -18th centuries when the town was largely governed by a small collection of immensely rich aristocratic families. Some of the grand internal courtyards can be viewed through the open gates of these mansions. These days they are likely surrounded by cafés or shops. Sometimes even now called a mini city, Antequera is a wonderful town to stay in and stroll around with a camera.


Refer to www.antequera.co.uk for detailed information on Antequera